The Jorge Alió Foundation chooses culture and art as a way of raising society’s awareness and stimulating its support for the prevention of blindness.

With the goal of transmitting this important message, the National Miradas art contest is created in 1998. Very soon it attracted the attention of other countries, starting in America with the Miradas of Latin America in (2004 ) and now promoting to worldwide projection with Miradas international in 2016.

Now, countries from all over the world participate in it aiming for the same message.

Since (2005), the art of Miradas illustrate the cover page of the Journal of Refractive Surgery and also it has been displayed as the cover page of several Ophthalmology books, Congress announcements and other scientific activities that reflect this fusion between Vision and Art.

The Miradas art contest was created in 1998 as part of the cultural and social activities organized on the occasion of the 74th Congress of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology ALICANTE SEO '98 where the I National Miradas Painting Contest took place. From which the idea arose of holding a biennial event, open to all artistic forms interpreting the main theme of the congress: The Glance and Vision with the principal aim of drawing the attention of both artists and society to raise awareness of the importance of visual care and prevention of blindness through art.

The contest "Miradas of Latin America" created in 2004 constitutes a meeting platform between science and art, developing an initiative for communication from the medical profession with fellow countries which helps to explain the importance of vision for the human being.

The I Miradas of Latin America contest joined countries like Argentina , Colombia , Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay , Ecuador and Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

The "International Miradas" contest includes now other countries from different continents and the artists can also participate with artworks that deal with the message of Miradas and pursue to attract the attention of the society toward Ophthalmology and the relevance of Vision.

In this first edition of Miradas International, 22 countries from worldwide are participating, which, through their own organization create their own contest to select the artworks that will participate in the international event. The selection of the paintings and the Miradas International Award is performed by the juries of these different countries, which will vote each one independently to select the winning artwork.

The award of the VII International Miradas Art Contest was $ 4,000 sponsored by Schwind EyeTech Solutions.

The award of the VIII International Miradas Art Contest also had an amount of $ 4,000 and was sponsored by OPHTEC.

The award of the IX International Miradas Art Contest has an amount of $ 4,000 and is sponsored by OPHTEC.

The name of the artist and the winning artwork of the country will be announced during the meeting of the Annual Congress of the.American Academy of Ophthalmology that will be celebrated in Chicago (USA) in October 2016 and shall remain in the ophthalmology center of the country that presented the art work.

International Art Contest "Miradas"

Spanish Selection

Artworks that have participated representing Spain throughout the history of the contest

Obras que han participado en ediciones anteriores

Sin custodia / Verónica Belcher / Argentina / 2016

"Sin custodia"
Verónica Belcher
2016 (Argentina)

In Plant-Sight / Lilli Stromland / Australia / 2016

"In Plant-Sight"
Lilli Stromland
2016 (Australia)

Glance / Federico Moccia / Austria / 2016

Federico Moccia
2016 (Austria)

I will protect you / Darina Peeva / Austria / 2016

"I will protect you"
Darina Peeva
2016 (Austria)

Magic Against Pain / Arek Zakrzewski / Austria / 2016

"Magic Against Pain"
Arek Zakrzewski
2016 (Austria)

Olhar pensativo / Antonia Marli Dante / Brazil / 2016

"Olhar pensativo"
Antonia Marli Dante
2016 (Brazil)

Beyond / Zhivko Mutafchiev / Bulgaria / 2016

Zhivko Mutafchiev
2016 (Bulgaria)

Peaches (1965) and Peaches (2016) / Danail Mitsev / Bulgaria / 2016

"Peaches (1965) and Peaches (2016)"
Danail Mitsev
2016 (Bulgaria)

Sight Beyond Darkness / Ani Miloshova / Bulgaria / 2016

"Sight Beyond Darkness"
Ani Miloshova
2016 (Bulgaria)

Personal Space / Zhivko Mutafchiev / Bulgaria / 2016

"Personal Space"
Zhivko Mutafchiev
2016 (Bulgaria)

Boquita / María Rocha / Canada / 2016

María Rocha
2016 (Canada)

Different Vision / Hope Flynn / Canada / 2016

"Different Vision"
Hope Flynn
2016 (Canada)

Double Take / Laurie Stein / Canada / 2016

"Double Take"
Laurie Stein
2016 (Canada)

In Sight / Huibin Qian / China / 2016

"In Sight"
Huibin Qian
2016 (China)

Liyuan Cosmetics / Yudie Ding / China / 2016

"Liyuan Cosmetics"
Yudie Ding
2016 (China)

The Eagerness / Huibin Qian / China / 2016

"The Eagerness"
Huibin Qian
2016 (China)

Two different worlds / Fangmin Wu / China / 2016

"Two different worlds"
Fangmin Wu
2016 (China)

Astromelia / Maximiliano Chiriví Henríquez / Colombia / 2016

Maximiliano Chiriví Henríquez
2016 (Colombia)

Jimenchii / David Pérez Reynoso / Colombia / 2016

David Pérez Reynoso
2016 (Colombia)

Paisaje visual bajo la atmósfera de Venus / Jorge M. Hernández Gutiérrez / Colombia / 2016

"Paisaje visual bajo la atmósfera de Venus"
Jorge M. Hernández Gutiérrez
2016 (Colombia)

Travesía / Carlos E. Meza Suarez / Colombia / 2016

Carlos E. Meza Suarez
2016 (Colombia)

Hilvanando una esperanza / Silvio Ávila / Dominican Republic / 2016

"Hilvanando una esperanza"
Silvio Ávila
2016 (Dominican Republic)

Mirando el universo de mi yo / Joel Gonell Reyes / Dominican Republic / 2016

"Mirando el universo de mi yo"
Joel Gonell Reyes
2016 (Dominican Republic)

Visión de Fe / Fabio Domínguez / Dominican Republic / 2016

"Visión de Fe"
Fabio Domínguez
2016 (Dominican Republic)

The Duck / Alí Görmez / Germany / 2016

"The Duck"
Alí Görmez
2016 (Germany)

Through the Eyes of a Rebel / Van Ray / Germany / 2016

"Through the Eyes of a Rebel"
Van Ray
2016 (Germany)

h + (transhuman) / Rebecca Bucks / Germany / 2016

"h + (transhuman)"
Rebecca Bucks
2016 (Germany)

The blind eye / Vasilis Selimas / Greece / 2016

"The blind eye"
Vasilis Selimas
2016 (Greece)

Through there eyes / Vasilis Selimas / Greece / 2016

"Through there eyes"
Vasilis Selimas
2016 (Greece)

Ricordo del tuo sguardo / Federica Viscuci / Italy / 2016

"Ricordo del tuo sguardo"
Federica Viscuci
2016 (Italy)

Sguardi Multipli / Pietro Ferri / Italy / 2016

"Sguardi Multipli"
Pietro Ferri
2016 (Italy)

Visua / Daniel Carletto / Italy / 2016

Daniel Carletto
2016 (Italy)

--- / --- / Kuwait / 2016

2016 (Kuwait)

--- / --- / Kuwait / 2016

2016 (Kuwait)

--- / --- / Kuwait / 2016

2016 (Kuwait)

--- / --- / Kuwait / 2016

2016 (Kuwait)

El Despertar del Pueblo / Sebastian Fund / Mexico / 2016

"El Despertar del Pueblo"
Sebastian Fund
2016 (Mexico)

Landscape / Fabian Ugalde / Mexico / 2016

Fabian Ugalde
2016 (Mexico)

Topografías / Perla Krauze / Mexico / 2016

Perla Krauze
2016 (Mexico)

The Eye / Michiel Luger / Netherlands / 2016

"The Eye"
Michiel Luger
2016 (Netherlands)

Depth Look / Antonio Ramalho / Portugal / 2016

"Depth Look"
Antonio Ramalho
2016 (Portugal)

Islam women under the eyes of Angels of Death / Fernando Chiotte / Portugal / 2016

"Islam women under the eyes of Angels of Death"
Fernando Chiotte
2016 (Portugal)

With these eyes of new I see you / Olga Berens / Portugal / 2016

"With these eyes of new I see you"
Olga Berens
2016 (Portugal)

Autorretrato / Nayra López Martos / Spain / 2016

Nayra López Martos
2016 (Spain)

El estupor y la maravilla / Carolina Ferrer Juan / Spain / 2016

"El estupor y la maravilla"
Carolina Ferrer Juan
2016 (Spain)

Niña con los ojos velados / Rafael Bestard Mas / Spain / 2016

"Niña con los ojos velados"
Rafael Bestard Mas
2016 (Spain)

Kill Him Make me laugh III / Ali Elmaci / Turkey / 2016

"Kill Him Make me laugh III"
Ali Elmaci
2016 (Turkey)

Perception / Burçin Erdi / Turkey / 2016

Burçin Erdi
2016 (Turkey)

Sin título /  No title / BARIŞ SARIBAŞ / Turkey / 2016

"Sin título / No title"
2016 (Turkey)

BOO! / Keith More / United Kingdom / 2016

Keith More
2016 (United Kingdom)

Mirarme / Look at me / José Benitez / United Kingdom / 2016

"Mirarme / Look at me"
José Benitez
2016 (United Kingdom)

Reflectiveness / Keith More / United Kingdom / 2016

Keith More
2016 (United Kingdom)

The Beholder / Joey Hartmann-Dow / United States of America / 2016

"The Beholder"
Joey Hartmann-Dow
2016 (United States of America)

Unwritten / Joey Hartmann-Dow / United States of America / 2016

Joey Hartmann-Dow
2016 (United States of America)

Avistamiento / Adriana Silva y Rosas / Uruguay / 2016

Adriana Silva y Rosas
2016 (Uruguay)

La visión / Fernando Oliveri / Uruguay / 2016

"La visión"
Fernando Oliveri
2016 (Uruguay)

Sin título / No title / Enrique Blixen / Uruguay / 2016

"Sin título / No title"
Enrique Blixen
2016 (Uruguay)

Mirada Laser / Álvaro Paz / Venezuela / 2016

"Mirada Laser"
Álvaro Paz
2016 (Venezuela)

Ojitos de Café / Carlos Martinez / Venezuela / 2016

"Ojitos de Café"
Carlos Martinez
2016 (Venezuela)

Percepción / Victor Rosales / Venezuela / 2016

Victor Rosales
2016 (Venezuela)

Guardianes de la memoria IV (2017) / Diego Dayer / Argentina / 2018

"Guardianes de la memoria IV (2017)"
Diego Dayer
2018 (Argentina)

Autoretrato (2005) / Federico Demian Fernández / Argentina / 2018

"Autoretrato (2005)"
Federico Demian Fernández
2018 (Argentina)

Jean / Melody Spangaro / Australia / 2018

Melody Spangaro
2018 (Australia)

Olhar Inocente / Cândida Maria Boechat / Brazil / 2018

"Olhar Inocente"
Cândida Maria Boechat
2018 (Brazil)

Retrato de Anjo encarnado / Cândida María Boechat / Brazil / 2018

"Retrato de Anjo encarnado"
Cândida María Boechat
2018 (Brazil)

Urban 67/862 / Kakati de Paiva / Brazil / 2018

"Urban 67/862"
Kakati de Paiva
2018 (Brazil)

Mirror of the Soul / Ani Miloshova / Bulgaria / 2018

"Mirror of the Soul"
Ani Miloshova
2018 (Bulgaria)

As I See It / Laurie Andrews / Canada / 2018

"As I See It"
Laurie Andrews
2018 (Canada)

I don't want to feel only by imagination / Chenyang Lei / China / 2018

"I don't want to feel only by imagination"
Chenyang Lei
2018 (China)

The window to the soul / Fangmin Wu / China / 2018

"The window to the soul"
Fangmin Wu
2018 (China)

Prayer / Wenjie Wang / China / 2018

Wenjie Wang
2018 (China)

The Light of Hope / Zhenghui Ye / China / 2018

"The Light of Hope"
Zhenghui Ye
2018 (China)

Mi negrito / David Santiago Guevara Salazar / Colombia / 2018

"Mi negrito"
David Santiago Guevara Salazar
2018 (Colombia)

Entre miradas / Carlos Enrique Meza Suarez / Colombia / 2018

"Entre miradas"
Carlos Enrique Meza Suarez
2018 (Colombia)

Las miradas en el tiempo / Neda Cecilia Roa Duran / Colombia / 2018

"Las miradas en el tiempo"
Neda Cecilia Roa Duran
2018 (Colombia)

Una mirada por favor / “Ruken” Halise Adsan / Germany / 2018

"Una mirada por favor"
“Ruken” Halise Adsan
2018 (Germany)

un-sight / Thalia Gatzouli / Greece / 2018

Thalia Gatzouli
2018 (Greece)

Insight / Theano Giannezi / Greece / 2018

Theano Giannezi
2018 (Greece)

The sound of the syllable of tears / Stelios Skoulos / Greece / 2018

"The sound of the syllable of tears"
Stelios Skoulos
2018 (Greece)

Eyes of Chinese Opera / Leung, Ka Yee / Hong Kong / 2018

"Eyes of Chinese Opera"
Leung, Ka Yee
2018 (Hong Kong)

Sin título / No title / Alessio Croari / Italy / 2018

"Sin título / No title"
Alessio Croari
2018 (Italy)

Tricolor / Popa-Zevideanu Ion / Italy / 2018

Popa-Zevideanu Ion
2018 (Italy)

Quel Che Resta / Lorenzo Brivio / Italy / 2018

"Quel Che Resta"
Lorenzo Brivio
2018 (Italy)

Vista / Yuri Sakae / Italy / 2018

Yuri Sakae
2018 (Italy)

Hope / Moudhi Alhaji / Kuwait / 2018

Moudhi Alhaji
2018 (Kuwait)

Eye Charts / Marcos Ramirez / Mexico / 2018

"Eye Charts"
Marcos Ramirez
2018 (Mexico)

Macula Lutea / Justyna Janek / Poland / 2018

"Macula Lutea"
Justyna Janek
2018 (Poland)

Through the window-pane / Ricardo Pettermann Laires / Portugal / 2018

"Through the window-pane"
Ricardo Pettermann Laires
2018 (Portugal)

Smiling eyes / Olga Berens / Portugal / 2018

"Smiling eyes"
Olga Berens
2018 (Portugal)

I can see now / James Chong / Singapore / 2018

"I can see now"
James Chong
2018 (Singapore)

Diplopia / Olga Davo Alonso / Spain / 2018

Olga Davo Alonso
2018 (Spain)

Ameninatropia / José Antonio Hinojos / Spain / 2018

José Antonio Hinojos
2018 (Spain)

Muchachito / Ana Beltrán Porcar / Spain / 2018

Ana Beltrán Porcar
2018 (Spain)

Don't You Dare Touch Me / Ali Elmacı / Turkey / 2018

"Don't You Dare Touch Me"
Ali Elmacı
2018 (Turkey)

Sin título / No title / Ayşe Bezenmiş / Turkey / 2018

"Sin título / No title"
Ayşe Bezenmiş
2018 (Turkey)

Sin título / No title / Evren Sungur / Turkey / 2018

"Sin título / No title"
Evren Sungur
2018 (Turkey)

Visionary / Elizabeth Kaczmarczyk / United Kingdom / 2018

Elizabeth Kaczmarczyk
2018 (United Kingdom)

Trio of Vessels V / Peter Pincus / United States of America / 2018

"Trio of Vessels V"
Peter Pincus
2018 (United States of America)

Salida / Litir Ledi Olivera Mazzoni / Uruguay / 2018

Litir Ledi Olivera Mazzoni
2018 (Uruguay)

Miradas que quedan / María Valdés Strauch / Uruguay / 2018

"Miradas que quedan"
María Valdés Strauch
2018 (Uruguay)

Personajes de circo / Antonio Montes de Oca / Venezuela / 2018

"Personajes de circo"
Antonio Montes de Oca
2018 (Venezuela)

Recordando a Frida Kahlo / Antonio Montes de Oca / Venezuela / 2018

"Recordando a Frida Kahlo"
Antonio Montes de Oca
2018 (Venezuela)

Miradas International Art Contest 2018 Winner

Guardianes de la memoria IV (2017) / Diego Dayer / International Contest
Title: Guardianes de la memoria IV (2017)     Author: Diego Dayer
Country: Argentina Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (W x H) (cm):50 x 60

Diego Dayer winner of the VIII Miradas International Art Contest

Argentina is the winning country of this new 2018 edition with the artwork entitled “Guardians of memory IV” by the artist Diego Dayer.

Diego Dayer (Google+)

Diego Dayer is an artist born in Rafaela, Argentina, on 13th November 1978.

He started his studies in 1993 in the studio of the artist Marcela Grosso who encouraged him day by day to pursue his own artistic direction. When he decided to spread his wings and carry on developing as an artist he continued his specialization in different courses, seminars and workshops as well as in the Fine Arts School of the National University of Córdoba.

After several years of artistic activity in his home town he moved to Córdoba, Argentina in 2002 to start the Art School of the National University, where he currently lives and works. He has had collective and individual exhibitions in cities of Argentina, USA and Spain.

In this year’s edition of Miradas International, a total of 22 countries have participated represented by 42 artworks of recognized quality and highly varied techniques ranging from the oil on canvas of the winning artwork to soluble lead, diorama and colored porcelain to mention just some.

The award sponsored this year by OPHTEC will be given during the Annual Congress of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) which will take place in the city of Chicago (USA) from 27th to the 30th October 2018.

From the Jorge Alió Foundation we congratulate the artist Diego Dayer and the coordinator representing his country, Argentina, Dr. Omar Lopez Mato for winning the Miradas International Award 2018.

Award Ceremony

MD. John Kanellopoulos, Professor MD. Jorge allied, MD. Tomas Jaeschke and Md. John Chang

El pasado día 26 de octubre, durante la reunión del Congreso Anual de la Academia Americana de Oftalmología (AAO) celebrada en la ciudad de Chicago (USA), se hizo entrega del diploma acreditativo y de los 4000 dólares que tiene como dotación el ganador del VIII Certamen Miradas Internacional. Puesto que el artista argentino Diego Dayer, que fue premiado por su obra "Guardianes de la memoria IV", no pudo acudir, recibió el premio en representación suya el Dr. Tomas Jaeschke, colaborador del coordinador del certamen para Argentina, el Dr. Omar Lopez Mato.

En la imagen podemos ver de izquierda a derecha a: Dr. John Kanellopoulos (Antiguo Presidente de la ISRS - Sociedad Internacional de Cirugía Refractiva), Profesor Dr. Jorge Alió (Presidente Honorífico de la Fundación Jorge Alió y Coordinador del certámen para España), Dr. Tomas Jaeschke y Dr. John Chang (Presidente actual de la ISRS). También asistió al evento Erik-Jan Worst, el Director General de OPHTEC, empresa patrocinadora del premio.

Miradas International Art Contest 2016 Winner

La visión / Fernando Oliveri / International Contest
Title: La visión Author: Fernando Oliveri
Country: Uruguay Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (W x H) (cm):150 x 110
Description:La visión, punto de partida de grandes creaciones.

The Uruguayan Fernando Oliveri is the winner of Miradas 2016 with his painting “La Visión”.

This is the first year that the event has been celebrated with this new name (previously Miradas of Hispanoamerica) with 22 countries participating from different continents of the world with 60 paintings of recognized quality and original techniques ranging from oil on canvas (the winning artwork) to spray paint on aluminium or the Chinese ink.

Fernando Oliveri was born in the city of Montevideo the 11th August 1957. At the age of 21, he started at the Art School “San Francisco de Asís” under the guidance of Clever Lara, where he remained until 1981.

Later he joined to the well known Uruguayan painter studio Gustavo Alamon where he stayed for 8 years. In 1986 he joined the “Montevideo Drawing Club” and in 1989 he collaborated again with the artist Clever Lara in his art studio.

From 1982 until today he has participated in different individual and collective exhibitions inside and out of his country, obtaining several awards and distinctions.

The award ceremony will be held during the meeting of the Annual Congress of American Academy of Ophthalmology celebrated in the city of Chicago from the 14th to 18th October 2016.

From the Jorge Alio Foundation, we congratulate the artist Fernando Oliveri and the Uruguayan coordinator Dr Agustin Echague who has achieved the International Award Miradas 2016. Congratulations to the organization of Vision Echague Ophthalmological Center and especially to the winning artist.

Award Ceremony

Rolf Schwind, Professor MD. Jorge Alió, MD. Agustin Echagüe and John Kallenopulos

The Award certificate, sculpture and 4.000$ were given to the Miradas Award winner, represented by Dr. Pedro Echague for the Echague Ophthalmological Institute of Montevideo, Uruguay at the Annual Congress of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, International Society of Refractive Surgery Award ceremony, October 14th 2016.

At the picture we can see (from left to right) Mr. Rolf Schwind (Schwind Eye Solutions,CEO), sponsor of the Miradas International Award, Prof.Jorge L. Alió (founder of the Miradas Art Contest and Honorary President of Jorge Alio Foundation ,Spain), Dr. Pedro Echague (Miradas Award coordinator for Uruguay, representing the awarded artist Mr. Fernando Oliveri) and John Kallenopulos (President of the International Society of Refractive Surgery of the American Academy of ophthalmology, ISRS/AAO).

Participating Countries and Coordinators 2020


Renato Ambrosio



Shilhao Chen



Luis Escaf



Petros Rasoglou



Elisha Bartov



Lucio Buratto



Arturo Chayet

Marcela Deffis


Andrzej Grzybowski



Joao Barbosa Breda

Ines Leal


Jorge L. Alió


United Kingdom

Dan Reinstein

Bethany Kingsley

United States of America

Robert Maloney

Nicole Maloney


Juan Echagüe

Agustin Echagüe


José Vargas



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VII Miradas International Art Contest 2016

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